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[1] This Washington Post article includes some of my comments about the nuances of trade statistics, such as bilateral trade asymmetries, and the use of trade deficits. [Link]

[2] Chicago Tribune on the NAFTA agreement negotiation. [Link]

[3] Univision News Channel 4 interview on the IMF projections of the effect of COVID-19 on Latin American Economies. [Link]

[4] Univision News interview on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the finances and economic prospects of of New York. [Link]

[5] Univision News interview on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment in the U.S. and in New York. [Link]

[6] POLITICO quotes me on the five things to look for in the U.S-U.K talks to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). [Link]

[7] World Trade Organization (WTO). Economic Forum Featured Video on the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and the economic implications. [Link]

[8] Toronto Star interview with Washington Bureau Chief. [Link]

[9] news features my views on Africa intercontinental new trade agreement :

[10] Achiever news in South Africa features my views on South Africa’s role in the African Continental Free Trade Area [Link]

[11] Comments on UK government’s “£1.8 billion pay rise” from a US trade deal doesn’t outweigh the impacts of Brexit on wages. [Link]

[12] El Diario: Op-ed on the electoral economic program of Vox . [Link]

[13] Blog New Deal on the effects of hukou on health outcomes of rural to urban migrants in China. [Link]

[14] Named among the 200 most relevant women in economics in Spain. [Link]

[15] Open Political Economy Network Op-ed on NAFTA 2.0 Talks. [Link]

[16] Op-Ed in Nexos Mexico: ¿Avance en las negociaciones de TLCAN? La Marejada que se Avecina. See